About us

Welcome to Misthome Linen, where quality and sustainability meet linen bedding. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every fiber, as we source 100% European flax directly from trusted linen manufacturers.

I established Misthome Linen (formerly 'Misthome Decor') in 2018 in Sydney. It all began with my search for the perfect bedding in Sydney's humid climate, and linen emerged as my top choice. Eager to ensure top-notch quality, I experimented with linens from various manufacturers to ensure the quality matched my initial experience. True flax linen shouldn't lose its charm after washing. Upon relocating to Queensland in 2021, linen bedding became a must-have. Now, I'm thrilled to share the joy of premium linen bedding with those who appreciate the fresh feeling it brings to their bedrooms. 

Jen x